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Traffic + Leads = SALES! Get FB Autoposter

Yes! there are 1.79 Billion monthly active users on Facebook

Just for this fact, it makes sense to market there, right?

There is a huge Problem though

Doing all the hard-manual work, post daily, spending money on ADS, will make you lose time, and most of the time, lose money

Today I want to introduce you to Facebook Auto Poster

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Here’s FB Auto best benefits
[+] Post to Unlimited Pages and Groups
[+] Automate your entire Facebook Marketing Efforts
[+] 6 Different post types supported
-Status Updates
-Album Photos

[+] Bring you traffic, leads and sales on complete autopilot
[+] Content can be spun

Now you can set your posts up to go out automatically to pages, profiles and groups.

Set and Forget

You didn’t get into internet marketing to be tied to your computer did you?
Big Time Saver just waiting for you

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Time is Money let’s make some- Automated Tech will save the day

I Truly believe that this is an important tool for your business.
Anything you do online can either be manual (taking all your time)
Or automated (getting technology to do the menial work for you)
and this tool is perfect for automating everything on facebook
It gets my 5 Stars as an essential tool


Why is it important?
Anyone online knows
that social media is THE
place to find customers.

All the advertising systems cost money.
And if you are trying to post to groups, update pages
keep followers and regular content up to date…

You will go CRAZY and not be able to do anything else
because there is no time left

This incredible program called FB Autoposter
Automates EVERYTHING for you.

Not only can you put up content
for Facebook including pages, groups, images and videos
you can schedule them for days, even months in advance

My goodness!
Never such a tool has existed
up until now.
This will truly change the way your marketing is done forever!


This truly gets my five star recommendation
You WILL be using facebook in your marketing
if not now
You absolutely will be in the future
(and you can start now and be miles in front)

Automated marketing for Facebook will bring in leads and sales

Simply put – this is FANTASTIC
and you should pick it up.

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FB Autoposter Will be a Gamechanger For You

Let me tell you how just one tiny feature of this autoposter will save me hours.

When I want to post an update to groups, (there are over 50 of them that I use)
This helps get heaps of exposure for my offer
Most groups only allow you to post
your offer once, so you have to
make it count.

Now, the last thing you want to do is post to all of these groups in one go.
This is a massive mistake I see a lot of people make. The reason being is it
looks like you are spamming when your friends get a ton of notifications at
once, plus you want to spread your posts for maximum exposure.

So what I do is post to each group every 4-5 hours. This means I have to.

1. Open my document with the group URL.
2. Find which group I have to post to next.
3. Find my document with the post.
4. Find the picture I am using.
5. Upload a picture.
6. Make the post.

Plus I have to actually remember to make the post in the first place.

This whole process takes me about 3-4 minutes, multiply that by 30 and you
can see how much time I would save if I could automate this.

Now with FB Autoposter You Can

FB Autoposter let’s you set everything up

Simply set up one post and then select all the groups and pages you would like to post it on schedule it and let the system run.

Heck there is even spintax available so that Post is a little different in each group.

The ability to schedule the post means that

People who are in a number of the groups you are posting to will not get inundated with identical notifications clogging up their inbox

So do yourself a favour and check it out Here

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Can you keep a secret?

Those words still ring in my ear every day.

I first heard them back in 2013.

They reveal…

The new way to automate Facebook

When I first learned the secret that was creating so many success stories, I almost didn’t believe it.

Until I Saw This

Keep this hush hush my friend.

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